Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Rules of the Railway.

Ever notice the wording on the ticket at the Strasburg Railway. 
Here are the General Conditions:

1. The Railway is not responsible for delays caused by livestock on the track.

2. Passengers are requested to refrain from spitting tobacco on the stoves.

3.  All pistols must be checked in with the conductor.

4.  Positively no shooting of pheasants or cattle from the train.

5. Games of chance permitted only in the luggage car.

6. All male passengers must assist crew in shoveling snow or pushing if necessary.

7. The conductor is authorized to collect tickets only, no produce or I.O.U.s


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  2. Is this just a touristy type activity? We had a train which runs to a touristy town and back...I call it a train to no where!

  3. lol - isn't that more appropriate for the 1920s or before? :p

    happy WW!

  4. that is a great ticket! I can't een think which bit I love more :)

    Happy WW!

  5. LOL love this! No.4 is my favorite LOL. Great shot too. Happy WW :D

  6. I guess I would be in the baggage car, love games of chance!


  7. That's hilarious. I guess I've never much paid attention, what with the 2 times I've ridden. haha. Too funny. Thanks for linkin up for WW!

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