Monday, September 27, 2010

All About Train.

My son has been a train enthusiast since birth.

Steam engines, diesels, he loves them all. George and his cousin Thomas, who is the same age were drawn together over their love of trains. They would spend hours during visits talking, building and playing everything Thomas. So when we took them on their first trip to the Strasburg Railroad, to see Thomas the Train, you could only imagine their excitement.

This is George and I and George in October 2006, on his first trip on to the Strasburg Railroad.( I know the date says 2004, it's wrong.)

This is George with George and cousin Thomas in October 2007.

Thomas and George at Strasburg in October 2008.

And still today, even though they're almost 6, they still share a love of trains, of all kinds and The Strasburg Railroad. This weekend, we went on our first trip to ride the Strasburg Steam Engine this year.
Sophia, George and cousin Thomas at Strasburg in September 2010.

 The kids have as much fun there even when Thomas isn't making his special appearance, which runs a couple times a year. Yesterday, we boarded Strasburg's own Steam Engine and took a trip through the rolling farm hills of Amish land, passed the Red Caboose Motel, chugged past Cherry Crest Adventure Farm,

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm.

 stopped to listen to the Ghost Train respond to the steam engines powerful whistle, and waited at Paradise Junction for the Engine to switch to the front and take the trip home.
Ticket ready!

John enjoying his first ride on the train.

The friendly conductor.

The kids had as much fun as the first time they ever rode the train. Strasburg never gets old for them or for us. I don't know if it's the look of excitement on their faces as they see the Steam Engine rolling into the station and blow it's powerful horn,
The Steam Engine switching sides at Paradise Junction.

                                      or the peaceful ride through the rolling farm hills

 but we love Starsburg just as much as our kids do. There is more to do at the Railroad than riding the trains, there are gift shops, restaurants, and plenty of stuff for kids to do.

Usually we would have hopped on over to the  Railroad Museum Pennsylvania, which is a must see and right across the street, but this time we ventured on to The Choo Choo Barn. 

Upon entering The Choo Choo barn,we had no idea what to expect, after all, we thought they just sold model trains. You enter into a gift area, and passing through the curtains you enter into the one of the most magical model train displays in the area.

A large room with an exquisite train display. The animals at the zoo, move their heads. The circus trapeze artist jumps on the trampoline and the fire display, highly recommended by the woman who greeted us upon entering, is not to be missed. She suggested we see the fire display two times and having no idea what she was talking about we walked quickly by, but my husband stood there to wait and see what would happen. "Hon! You have to see this.", he said. As I approached we saw a model house, catch on fire, a fire truck pulls out of the station and approaches it, and little firemen that appear to get out of the truck, put a ladder to the house, and spray the house with water. If you look close, a fireman in the front of the house seems to appear from the house, saving one of it's residents.

                        Every part of the train display, is intricately detailed and doesn't miss a beat.

A car accident scene.
In my husband's favorite scene, a baseball game,even the pitcher moves his head to look around.

A ski slope.

                      The children loved it, but as adults we appreciated the time and detail it contained.

Sophia, Thomas and George browsing the train display.

The Choo Choo Barn definitely a must see when you visit the Strasburg Railroad. Strasburg is a great place to make family memories that last a lifetime and I am sure we will be returning in the years to come.

For more information on the Strasburg Railroad, click here to visit there website. And for more information on the Choo Choo Barn, click here.

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