Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Lansdale Farmers Market

Lansdale, Pennsylvania  has a great Farmer's Market. Small and intimate. With a great selection of fresh produce, all natural soaps and lotions, gourmet coffee, plants,traveling cupcakes, story time for kids and much more, there  is just enough of everything and something for everyone. Live in the area? The Lansdale Farmers Market takes place every Saturday through November from 9am to 1pm. Click here for more information.

I loved the gourmet soaps, Sophia not so much.

My mom, making a purchase of some great homemade all natural lotions including a couple toy
soaps for the kids in the shape of cars and ballerinas. If that doesn't get them to take a bath, I don't know what will.

My son, sampling the soaps.

Jimmies Cupcake Co. was a big hit with the kids....and adults alike.

This one woman traveling cupcake company comes to a party or events near you,
with homemade, little tasty cute cupcake goodness. And with names, like James T Kirk, Jimmy Neutron and Jim Carey, these cupcakes will not only make your tummy smile, but can satisfy even the "toughest" taster. And Yes! They come with Jimmies! My mouth is watering just thinking about them. Click here for more information. 

Of course, my children, train enthusiasts by heart, couldn't believe there were
train tracks at the Farmer's Market......

And were on the look out for a glimpse of the R7, traveling down the tracks.


  1. we've been there! Such great fun and I love the pics.

  2. Looks like a fun day. Thanks for stopping by. Happy WW!

  3. It seems like your kiddos had fun! I love going to markets like this - there's always something for everybody :)

    Sreisaat Adventures

  4. Farmer's Markets are the best...and you captured some great pics.
    Amanda (from: Ramblings of an Empty Mind)

  5. Cuties! They really seem to know how to have a great time.

  6. Thanks for the linky.
    If you come by, be sure to enter the Spa Gift Card Giveaway.
    Happy WW!

  7. mmmmm, cupcakes! sounds great!

    we have a farmers' market that i've been interested in but haven't visited...maybe i should this week!

  8. I love going to the farmer's market. What great pics!

  9. Looks like a great Farmers Market. The one we have is lousy.Mostly venders. One produce stand with high prices.

  10. I love the Farmer's Market. Great shots!

  11. What fun! I love a farmer's market! NEVER has there been a WONDERFUL cupcake truck at our market though! YUM!

  12. That last photo of your kids on the fence is just precious. All are great shots though. I enjoyed seeing your daughter's reaction to the soap scents.

  13. Looks you all had a wonderful time. Sadly, I didn't get a chance to go to the farmers market this summer. That cupcake truck is too cute!

  14. Don't you just love those handmade soaps. At one point I was looking into making my own soap. My hubby was not happy about it. Looks like you guys enjoyed a wonderful family outing.