Friday, July 30, 2010

It's my party....

...And you can dance it you want to. No really go ahead. Dance your butt off.

Thanks to my dear friend "Mama Pantz" for bringing this to my attention, and others but this is my favorite. Saturday July 31st is Philadelphia Dance Day. One Day. One neighborhood. Seven Free Workshops.

And one day to get your groove on. Now that's my kind of party.

Participate in this super fun initiative to start a National Dance Day in the Center City/Graduate Hospital area. Choose from seven dance workshops – all in different styles and all FREE. Finish the day with performances from the teachers and an evening social dance, nice.

No dance experience or partner required.

For a complete schedule, click here.

Get out. Get moving, shake what your mama gave you, dance your heart out.

It's my birthday, go ahead, dance if you want to, no really, go ahead!

Groupon Alert: 50% off Longwood Gardens Admission

Thinking about going to Longwood Gardens!

Now is the time!

Groupon is offering 50% off adult admission to Longwood Gardens, so you only pay $8! Not a bad deal! The ticket will expire on August 31st. So make sure you use it before then, which shouldn't be a problem with all the great events they have coming up in the month of August.

Click here to jump in and get this one quick 2 days left to buy in!

Fun Friday

Jump in with both feet. It's the weekend. Here is my list of fun things to do around the area. In no particualar order.

1. Why not hop on over to the new Delaware Children's Museum. After much anticipation the museum opened its doors to the public on April 24th 2010. This Saturday from 9am to noon-experience Critter Cart from the Delaware Natural History Museum. Learn about Critters and their habitat in the ECOnnect ehxhibit. And then jump on over to Studio D from 10:00 to 3pm and design your own flying kite, build structures with magnets, paint on the easels and hang out on the cozy purple carpets! Fun!

2. This is the last weekend to catch Suess on Stage at The Garden State Discovery Museum. Watch on stage as your favorite Dr. Suess characters come to life including Horton. Don't be late, show starts Saturday at 2:00.

3. Since we've talked about 2 children's museums, might as well, make it a 3rd. This one is for all the Zhu-Zhu pet enthusiasts in your house! Hop on over to The Please Touch Museum this weekend for the Zhu-niverse Tour. Watch as your child mimics their favorite Zhu Zhu Pet, crawls through the life-size, inflatable habitat trails, or  tests their skills and race friends through the Kung Zhu Training Grounds. The Fun takes place on the Please Touch Museum’s outdoor front terrace Saturday July 30 and Sunday, August 1, 2010.

4. It's Family Fun night from 6pm to 10pm at Freddy Hill Farms in Lansdale, Pa. The family that plays together saves together. Play minature golf as a family and save $1 per person. You just saved yourself and ice cream cone or a drink! Good Deal.

5. Lakeshore Learning Store presents a great free craft for kids. What's my Mood Door Hanger? Now you won't have to guess any more. Make this great door hanger free at Lakeshore Learning stores across the region Saturday from 11:00am to 3pm. If I don't have to guess the mood of my son before I knock on the door to get my head bitten off, priceless, oh wait, it is...nevermind. Check out thier website for a location near you!

6. Saturday starts Shark Week at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey. The aquarium is home to the most sharks on the East Coast and the only Aquarium in the country to have Hammerhead and Tiger sharks on exhibit. Shark week runs from Saturday July 31st to Saturday August 7th. Kids 12 and under who create and wear a shark fin on their head get $2 off admission. I asked if that was all it was and my husband, warmly replied, "What do you want to do? Pet them." Point taken. Want to learn more about Shark week? Check out the Shark Week line-up on the Discovery Channel.

7. One of our favorite places, Johnson's Corner Farms in Medford, NJ holds a Farm BBQ and Flea Market every Friday from 5pm to 8pm through September. Enjoy live music, Open Mike, BBQ chicken and ribs from the Grill.Browse through the selection of local Artisans and Yard Sale venders. Also free hayrides to pick and 1/2 Price Discovery Barnyard and Animal Farm.

Looking ahead:

Join the Philadelphia Zoo for their Rock and Roar Kid's Conerts series Tuedsday August 3rd at 11:00am. The Zoo presents Two of a Kind and the Five'em a Hand Band.This married musical duo presents and interactive family concert, featuring songs about animals and habitats with an environmental focus.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Museum Spotlight: The Delaware Children's Museum

There is a new pace to play, explore and adventure, The Delaware Children's Museum, which opened their doors to the enthusiastic children everywhere on April 24th 2010.

The museum opened it's doors to withhold their goals and mission to "provide children and their families from diverse backgrounds with a comfortable, accessible, fun and stimulating environment where they enjoy spending time together","to develop innovative ways to help children learn through play and to complement the learning that takes place at home and at school" and "to present content across multiple disciplines in a way that invites exploration, encourages learning and creates connections between visitors and the world".

With exhibits like The Power of me-dedicated to the human body,The Stratosphere-a 30 foot diagonal climber taking kids to new heights and Training Wheels-an area built for the museums youngest explorers to explore things that GO!, you child will be educated and entertained at the same time.These are just 3 of the seven exhibits that cover 37,000 square feet of interactive fun.

Admission is $12 per person. And children under the age of 1 are free. This museum is included in the reciprocal museum passes. But because of some guidelines the museum imposed upon it's self, that I don't understand, if you buy your Reciprocal pass at the Please Touch Museum, this is not included. But if you buy it at the Garden State Discovery Museum, not only is the pass $100 cheaper than at the Please Touch Museum, but you can go to all the museums around the country including the Please Touch Museum AND this new Delaware Children's museum.

They have plenty of weekly events going on, hop over to the new museum Saturday and from 9am to noon take part in Critter Cart-the Delaware Museum of Natural History will be visiting with a special cart of critters, come learn about their habitat. And from 10am to 3pm, Make and Design your own Flying Kite.Check their calender for events!Sounds like fun.

I'll be visiting the museum in August so be on the look out for my Review. If you've been there, let us know what you liked, or didn't like!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Discovery Museum Savings

We just got back from one of our favorite places, The Garden State Discovery Museum in Cherry Hill New Jersey, and I got a hot tip from the amazing woman at the front desk. They are running a special in August and September, buy a yearly membership and receive 3 free months. So instead of 12 months, you'll pay for 12 months and receive 15 months! 

Not Bad. Right? I'll keep you posted when the special is offically on.

Also, for all you Pennsylvanians looking to purchase the reciprocal family membership from the Please Touch Museum, this is a must read! This membership at $220 buys you admission for the year in all the discovery museums around the country except the new Discovery Museum in Wilmington, Delaware. If you are looking to save money, go to the Garden State Discovery Museum in Cherry Hill, and buy the reciprocal family membership there. This membership gets you admission to all the discovery museums around the country including the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia and the new Discovery Museum in Wilmington and at $120 it is $100 cheaper then if you purchased the same membership at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia!!!

Wild right? Definitely worth the ride over the bridge to Jersey. When you think about it, you can purchase the family membership at the Zoo with that savings!

My kids always have a great time at the Garden State Discovery Museum.They run great programs, crafts and a clean place for the kids to play. And it's nice that when you come, the staff remembers you and are always friendly and helpful.

Here are some shots from the fun they had today.

George and Sophia building a city!

John exploring the crawlers area.

Sophia coming down the slide.

That will be $20. Cash register fun in the Little Discoveries area.

Planning their menu at The Silver Diner.

Snack break.

Fishing at the shore.

My sister Jenae and her daughter Josie checking out the turtles.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Target Community Day

I have mentioned this on my blog before but I would be silly not to remind you.

Not only does Target brings you affordable deals in everyday items, they bring accessible arts to your doorstep. In effort to support the arts target sponsors over 2,200 free or reduced priced performances and admissions at more than 120 museums and cultural organizations across the country.

Tomorrow night is Target Community Day at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, meaning you get in for FREE and get access to all their favorite attractions for FREE!

Visit the Franklin Institute Wednesday from 5pm to 8pm and along with FREE general admissions enjoy, Free 3D movies, FREE IMAX, Free Live Science shows, FREE Observatory, FREE Planetarium and access to the Institutes's hand on exhibits. All you have to do is show up and register at the front desk upon arrival.

This is at the very least an $85 savings for a family of four!

Can't attend this one? Don't worry! Target Community Nights are happening at the Franklin Institute once a month through November, the next one is August 18th. Check out their website for more information.

Don't live in this area, Target has teamed with 120 other museums in more than 30 cities across the country. Check out their website for a Target sponsored event near you.

Now only if we could get free parking?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pro Flowers: Spa Basket

My birthday is in a week, so if you are looking for a gift for me, this is it.


Kidding but it was worth a try.

Every time I go onto the Pro Flowers website to send a gift to someone, whether it is a birthday or a congrats on the pregnancy or the new baby, I always look for something other than the standard bouquet that we have all received ten times over. Although bouquets are beautiful and I love receiving them, they never last long in my house, as my 3 year old decides bouquets are like gardens and like everything she shouldn't touch, her hand are magnetically drawn to the vase, the petals and it's destroyed. Even though a good bouquet can easily brighten my day and make me forget about the chaos that just went on in my house, I always wonder about those beautiful Spa baskets. Since the bath, at night after all our kids are asleep, of course, is the place I can unwind and relax. So when I got a chance to review them for Pro Flowers I had to jump, raise my hand and shout in glee, whichever would get their attention. And let's face it, you all know I can run my mouth so what's better than getting to try something for free and then letting all your friends in blogosphere know what you thought, not much, my point exactly.

When the box arrived at my door step, I was surprised because I forgotten about it, not completely but we all know when toddler sized chaos erupts, it happens quickly and it leaves you head bobbing and you spinning in circles. There is not much else we can remember except our names and that, yes, unfortunately these are my kids. So, when it arrived it was a pleasant surprise. At first the box looked smaller then I imagined it would be, but upon opening it, I found a spa oasis waiting at my finger tips.

The contents inside the box are not to be taken from granted and upon opening the box I immediately felt like I was in a spa and my day was going to get better. I received the Rose Petal Spa Basket which was set in a nice reusable pink Keepsake metal pail (I've already decided where to use it) and wrapped with a beautiful bow. My daughter was in close proximity to me when I opened the basket. I heard an immediate, "Ohhh.." and out of the corner of my eye I saw her lunge for it's contents, but I saved it just in time. "This was for mommy", I told her, and yes it was.

The basket contained, Rose Scented Bath Fizzer, 5.1 oz Rose Scented Hand Cream,Soap Rose Petals, 8 oz Rose Scented Bubble Bath, White Body Sponge,10.7 oz Rose Scented Bath Salts and a Pink Bath Mitt. It looked beautiful and smelled even better. The rose scent which was not to strong, filled the bathroom as I excitedly decided what to try first. I closed the door, ran the bath and immediately felt relaxed. I loved the white body sponge, soft enough for gentle skin but firm enough to feel like a soft massage. I went for it and filled the tub with the bubble bath, a little salts and the Soap Rose Petals with were as pretty and delicate as they sound. And for the time I spent in the bath, I felt like I could escape the day, and the chaos, it was relaxing and refreshing. It was nice to have the spa come to me.

After the bath, I finished off with the hand cream which was nice and soft not too greasy, I even shared it with my daughter who upon looking at the pretty jar, gently dipped her fingers in it, rubbed her hands together, and after smelling the pretty rose scent, exclaimed, "I smell like a princess". Enough said.

All and all this was a great idea for a basket and a great gift for a birthday. Even better, I'd love to give this to an expectant or new mom, you all know we need time to escape. The baskets run any where from $29.99 to $100 so there is a price range to fit every budget.Check out the array of baskets available at Pro Flowers.

I wasn't compensated in any way for this review, just given the free spa basket, which in my eyes, is worth every written word and more. Gotta run, I've got a Spa awaiting....

Friday, July 23, 2010

Fun Friday

1. Hop on over to Linvilla Orchards in Media, Pa for their Sweet Corn and Blackberry Festival with Pirates and Princesses on Saturday July 24th. Come down to the Orchards for some family style fun and bring you little ones dressed in their best pirates and princess costumes. Pick fresh corn and blackberries or join them in the scavenger hunt. There will be plenty to do including, real pony rides, face painting, playground, hayrides, the Farm Market, the Linvilla Grill and musical entertainment from Makin' Music. Sweet Corn and Blackberries, Oh My!

2. Cars and trains in one spot? Can't beat it. Join the Strasburg Railroad in their Rolling Antique and Auto Show & Run Saturday from 10am to 3pm. Be a part of this interactive auto show as they feature cars on display and in action as the race alongside the powerful steam engine. No need to buy a special ticket for this event, just buy a ticket to ride. My son would F-L-I-P!

3. When my daughter wakes up and immediately asks, "Whose birthday is it?" like she asks most mornings, I can finally have an answer. It's Smith Play Place in the Park's 111th Birthday! And you can go help them celebrate on Saturday from 10am to 3pm. This party comes complete with face painting, bubble making, summer crafts, dedication of their new garden, and of course...birthday cake.Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Smith Play Place in the Park! Happy Birthday to you!

4. Watch as you favorite characters come alive at the Storybook Celebration Family Festival at the Camden Children's Garden Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 4pm. Browse through the many fairy tale themed exhibits and join them for book crafts, readings, of children's classics. Also, visit the Giant's Garden to plant your own seeds to take home. Admission is $6 for adults and $5 for children.

5. Looking for something easy and FREE to do? Don't forget about the Free kids crafts at Lakeshore Learning Store. This Saturday from 11am to 3pm, make a super cool summer fan. Check out their website for locations and information.

6. Lowes Home Improvement Stores nation wide are holding their Build and Grow Clincs for kids. Hop on over Saturday and build a UFO which comes complete with stickers and a blinking light. And please tell your child, no aliens are included. But what is included is if you participate in a Build and Grow Clinic you receive a coupon for free junior size frosty from Wendy's! Nice!

7. Don't forget today, there are great ways to catch free movies in Montgomery County. In Hatfield, free family movie kicks off at 8:00pm at the Hatfield Community Park on Chestnut St. In Lansdale, catch a free movie at 2:00pm at the Lansdale Public Library. Today, Flushed Away. I've always wanted to see that one. The free movies at the library happen on Fridays throughout the summer. Looking for something to do before the movie. Take the kids to an early morning at the Upper Gwynedd Park a.k.a Castle Park, before it gets hot and then take them over to the gazebo for a weekly Friday story time, by Miss Lisa, from Lansdale Library. Sounds Cute.

Also: Live in Camden County, Free Music at Haddon Lake Park by The Paisley Pickles, "Yummy music for the whole family" this Saturday, music kicks off at 10:30am. And stop on over to Wiggins Park and take in the sights, sounds and hopefully food, of the 10th annual South Jersey Carribean Carnival, this Saturday from noon to 8pm.

Looking at the week ahead:

Take advantage of the Target Community Night at the Franklin Institute, Wednesday July 28th from 5pm to 8pm, enjoy extended hours and FREE admission to the museum, along with Free IMAX, Free Observatory, Free Planetarium, Free 3D shows, and FREE live Science shows. Gotta love Free. Now only if there was free parking? hummmm...... Can't make this one, don't fret, there will be monthly Target Community Nights through out the year the next one is August 18th. Check out their website for more information.

Don't forget to take advantage of the Free movies at the Regal Theatres and Frank Theatres and $1 movies at AMC Theatres across the country! Check out their websites for locations and a schedule of showings.

Here's a tip: After the free movie at Franks Theatre in Montgomeryville, stop by the Imagination Playzone in the Montgomeryville mall, pay to play ($9 per child) and they'll treat your kid to free pizza! Can't beat that. Free pizza for kids will be available until 2pm on days after the movie.
Another tip: After you go to the free movie at the Moorestown Mall's Regal Theatre, head on over to Chick-Fil-A across the street for the buy one, get one free kids meal deal.

Check out the weekly Milk and Cookies children's variety show Monday and Tuesday in Ardomore and Bryn Mawr. For more information
Happy Friday!

Know of any events happening you want to advertise or tell others about? Leave a comment, I'll post about it and give you props along the way!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday's Deals.

Ahhh...the weekend is right around the corner, but Thursday's no joke!
Here are some things to do today, to take you into the weekend.

 Don't forget Frank Theatres throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania are holding their Summer Kids Series with free movies on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. The movie is FREE for chaperone's and parents too! Nice! Check out their website for locations and a schedule of kid friendly flicks. Don't live in NJ or Pa, check out their websites, they also have locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and West Virginia! These free movies will be happening throughout the month of July and August! Like I've said before, can't beat free.

And don't miss this one...

View from the National Constitution Center.
This is a great deal, $5 after 5pm. Visitors to the National Constitution Center can enjoy museum's main exhibition, the Ancient Rome & America traveling exhibition, performances of the live Freedom Rising show, an array of interactive activities, guided tours, and special programming all for $5 admission from 5pm to 8pm.Visitors can also participate in an array of interactive activities, guided tours, and special monthly programming. Food and beverages will be available for purchase in the Delegates’ CafĂ©, and the Center’s gift shop will remain open during the extended hours. On site parking will be available at a discounted rate of $9 after 5pm.The extended hours and reduced admission will be available through August 26th! Nice.

Fathers of the Constitution Display.

Looking for something to do this weekend?

Join me tomorrow for Fun Friday and I'll fill you in on my top choices for events going on around the area and a look in to the week ahead.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fun for a Cause

Have fun for a great cause at the Camden Riversharks!

View of the Ben Franklin Bridge in the outfield.
Friday, July 30th is Children’s Miracle Network Fundraising Night! Bring the whole family to enjoy good food, fun and post game Fireworks Extravaganza! Tickets cost only $11 and when you use the special group code, $5 from each ticket will be donated to Children’s Miracle Network at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

To order tickets, visit and click on the “Riversharks Fundraising Program Log-In” icon on the right side. Enter code CMN52 to login, click “Buy”, then simply follow the prompts to complete your order. Can't beat that!
George and the kids on the Carousel ride.

Of course, it's not the Phillies, but if you haven't ventured to the Riversharks now is definitely the time. The stadium is family friendly, and so are the ticket prices. We love the stadium, no matter where you sit, you have good seats and a great view. But my kids favorite part was the view of the Ben Franklin Bridge in the outfield, and of course, watching the trains pass over the bridge during the game. Don't worry if your kids won't sit the entire games, the fave a fun area for kids called the Nesquik Fun Zone with non stop action, a carousel ride and much more. Stay the entire night for an extra bonus, fireworks after the game.

Me with Sophia at the game in 2008.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Yearly what?

When I first heard about buying a yearly membership to a place like the Zoo, The Discovery Museum or the Aquarium, I thought it was insane. I didn't even look into the cost because I figured if I spend $50 or more to go once, how much could a yearly membership possibly cost, probably way more than I wanted to spend.


Yearly memberships are really the only way to go,especially when you are talking about a family.

Take for instance the Philadelphia Zoo, a yearly membership runs $99 to $229. And every year when it comes time to renew, they usually send you a coupon reminder in the mail with a discount code for around 15% off or so. But without the membership, take a family of four, 2 adults and 2 kids over the age of 3. The admission is $18 for adults, and $15 for kids ages 3-11. But that's not all, now take the rides,the balloon ride alone is $15 per person or $50 for a family of four, the train ride $3 per person, the carousel $3 per person, the swan boats $6 per person. If you have children like mine, they want to do every ride  and beg for doubles on the train ride. This trip alone, admission and rides and $10 for parking, not including food costs, has run you $174, a small fortune.

Buy the membership level that includes all the rides you pay just $229 for the year. This level even includes 2 guests at every visit, meaning friends or Grandma and Grandpa can come for free.You know you can easily go to the Zoo more than once, so you definitely make your membership back and more.

The same goes true for places like the Garden State Discovery Museum in South Jersey or the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. These museums pay upwards of $10 per person and you have to pay for adults too. You can purchase a yearly membership or a reciprocal membership, meaning you can go to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, The Garden State Discovery Museum in Philadelphia and any participating museum around the country FREE OF CHARGE.And with these memberships you also recieve discounts for birthday parites and at the unavoidable gifts shops.

One more place we all go is the Adventure Aquarium in Camden which runs $21.95 per adult and children 2-12 $17.95. One visit for a family of 4 will run you just under $80. Purchase an annual passport the Family Explorer level, which is 2 Adults and up to 4 kids,and you pay just $165 for the year.

Not only do these memberships help you save money, but now you can go as much as you want. We have the Discovery Museum membership and we went at least 2 times a month. For the Zoo, my family goes at LEAST 6 times a year, for all the great events they have. There are some places we don't even attempt to go to without a membership. These places aren't the only places around town that have yearly memberships, most play places, and museums have them so check the one you are interested in and get saving money now

Taking vacation, visiting the area or just have some time off and looking to visit alot of these places?

Why not purchase City Pass?

Pick 6 locations around Philadelphia and save up to 47% for admission. The booklet contains tickets to 6 of Philadelphia's most popular venues, The Franklin Institute, the Adventure Aquarium, The Philadelphia Zoo and The Big Bus and Trolly Co..You can also choose from the Academy of Natural Scienes or the National Contitution Center and the Please Touch Museum or the Eastern State Penitentiary. One time admission to all 6 places is $59 per adult and $39 per child.

That is an amazing savings.

You can visit all six places in what would normally be the amount to visit just 3, and have transportation to get around town, without moving your car, and paying for parking. The tickets are valid for 9 days, perfect if a parent is taking vacation from work and you have time to visit local attractions, and no wasting time waiting in line, the pass entitles you to jump to the front of most lines.

If you don't live in Philadelaphia or you are visiting another City, City Pass is available in 11 cities across the country including Toronto. Check out their website for more information or to purchase tickets

On another note, I'm a new contributor at Mama Buzz.

Check out my first post here, leave a comment and tell me what you think.

MamaBuzz Contributor

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Trip through Nature

I posted this on my other blog today, My Life in Jenga, but it is so fitting for this one, I had to share. Here is a great place to go with the family!

Yesterday we visited the Morris Arboretum in Philadelphia. And it was more beautiful than I had imagined. The outside gardens has more than 17 types of trees, plants from over 27 countries and 33 beautiful displays of nature and it's glory. From Swan Pond, The Garden Railway to Out on a Limb,just to name a few, you can see beautiful gardens, rolling ponds, swans, butterflies and beautiful architecture built solely from nature's inspiration. We enjoyed the gardens as much as the children did, laughing, running and walking through the trails, seeing nature at it's finest. The Arboretum, part of the University of Pennsylvania, offers many events throughout the year such as Yoga classes, guided tours, and concerts series for kids, just to name a few. And here's a money saving tip: Purchase the Beech membership at just $115 a year and get access to all the events happening at the arboretum. If you work for the Penn Health System or attend the University of Pennsylvania, bring your Penn Card, you get in for free. Looking for a place for lunch after your stroll? The Arboretum is located in the residential heart of Chestnut Hill, which features many shops and restaurants. Our on way home we stopped at a little ice cream shop called Nonnies, they not only have ice cream, but sorbet and gelato. Yum! Admission is $14 for adults and $7 for children ages 3-17, children 2 and under are free. I took over 200 pictures and had so much trouble deciding which ones to share, if only there were room for them all (check back on Wordless Wednesday for more), but here are some pictures from our favorite spots. Enjoy.

 The view from the bridge leading to Out on a Limb
 The Bird's Nest.

The bridge leading to the Bird's Nest.

 George waiting to catch a glimpse of James in the Garden Railway.

 The Garden Railway contained intricate buildings and bridges fit for the finest train enthusiast.

 Sophia and cousin Thomas waiting to see Thomas the Tank Engine.
 The wooden lounge chairs in front of the Log Cabin.

 The lounge chairs included beautiful inscriptions. This one was my favorite.

The kids lounging in the chairs.

The fountain provided the perfect way to cool off on this hot day. First Sophia....

 Then George and Thomas.

The Summer Palace is constructed solely from branches and twigs.

 The entrance to the Summer Palace.

The beautiful Rose Garden.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Go Target!

Who knew? Target really is the jack of all trades. 

This weekend July 16th-18th Target is pairing with 80 museums and theatres in 30 cities across the country to offer free or reduced admission through their Target Arts and Wonder Free Family Event in an effort to support education in the communities they serve.

This is a big one: In Philadelphia, admission to the Franklin Institue is FREE this Sunday from 3pm to 5pm.

Once a month Target also supports Target Community Night at the Franklin Institute from 5pm to 8pm, where you get in for FREE and recieve FREE IMAX tickets, FREE acces too all hands on exhibits,FREE 3D shows in the Franklin Theatre, FREE live science shows, FREE planaterium shows and FREE access observatory. The next Target Community night is July 28th.

Target doesn't stop with the Franklin Institute, at the the Please Touch Museum, the first Wednesday of every month is Target First Wednesday, come and enjoy just $2 admission from 5pm to 7pm. The next one is Wednesday August 4th.

Visiting my blog from another state? Check out their website for an event near you!

I knew I loved Target!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fun Friday

It's here at last!

Let's have a blast!

It's Fun Friday!

1.This is only fitting for the name of this store. The Life is Good store in The Shoppes at English Village on Bethlemhem Pike in North Wales, is holding a Summer Celebration Event, Saturday July 16th from 12pm to 4pm. Celebrate outside with Free live music, water ice, face painting, balloons, games and prizes. After all, Life is Good.
Make it a day: Start the day with the Lansdale Farmers Market in the morning, then celebrate summer with the folks at Life is Good in the afternoon. The kids are bound to take a good nap after that!

2. Thomas and Friends take over the track at Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Weekend at the Garden Railway of the Morris Arboretum at the University of Pennsylvania, Saturday July 17th and Sunday July 18th from 10am to 5 pm. Admission is free for children under 3, $7 for children 3-17 and $14 for adults.

3. Jam with the folks of The Little Treehouse this Saturday, July 17th as children's performer Peter Moses rocks the house. Don't forget, show up early for a good seat and dinner or a snack. Adults are free, one child is $8.50 every additional child after that is 50% off! Not bad! Don't be late, show starts at 6:00pm.

4. It's PECO Primate Jungle Days over at the Philadelphia Zoo this Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am to 4:00pm.Primate Jungle Days include talks, training demonstrations, a chance to pretend you are one of their primates by practicing walking like a gorilla, arts and craft, storytelling and much more. Admission for the Zoo is Adults $18, children ages 2-11 is $15 and children under the age of 2 are free. I cannot stress the amount of money you save by becoming a member.  The best membership packages run between $99 and $229 for the year, They always send you a coupon for discounted membership with renewal. Between admission, balloon rides, parking and all the other rides available at the zoo you can easily pay your membership back in at least 2 visits, and if you have a family that loves the rides, one visit! The membership to the Zoo is a no brainer!

5. Our friends over at the Garden State Discovery Museum celebrate Dr. Seuss with Dr. Seuss on Stage through July 31st. Enjoy their theatre production as all your favorite characters come to life on the Discovery museum stage every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for the month of July. The production is free with museum admission. Next showing, Saturday at 2:00pm. "Oh the places You'll go!"

6. Friday there are great ways to catch free movies in Montgomery County. In Hatfield, free family movie kicks off at 8:00pm at the Hatfield Community Park on Chestnut St.  In Lansdale, catch a free movie at 2:00pm at the Lansdale Public Library. Today see Surf's Up! The free movies at the library happen on Fridays throughout the summer.

7. It's hot out there, why not cool down a bit at the Reading Terminal Market's, The Ultimate Ice Cream Festival. Saturday from 10am to 4pm, come as Bassetts Ice Cream, the market's oldest vendor joins the city's leading frozen dessert artisans for a day that includes samples, demonstrations, games, giveaways and much more. Make it a day, if you have a train enthusiasts. Take the train in from Jersey or the Pa. surrounding suburbs. It drops off just a couple blocks from reading Terminal!

Looking ahead:

Don't forget about summer movie days at Regal theatres and AMC theatres across the country.

AC Moores across the country has a free Summer Fun Make and Take Project for kids at their stores from 3pm to 5pm. This Wednesday make Back Pack Zipper Pulls. Thursday come to AC Moores across the country from 3pm to 5pm to make friends and trade Silly Bandz. Kids that show up receive 2 free Silly Bandz!

Milk and Cookies Show on Mondays in Ardmore and Tuesdays in Bryn Mawr entertain your kids with music, singing, dancing and much more!

Have any input or comments? Places to go that you know others would love! Leave a comment. Let me know.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fun Fridays

Looking for things to do on the weekend?

Look no further! Join me every Friday and I'll give you my top things to do this weekend around the area and give you a glimpse into the week ahead. I love your comments and input. Know of something going on families would like to do? Leave a comment, or send me an email at, I'll post about it and give you props along the way!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kitchen Helpers

My kids love to cook.

They want to help.

They want to mix, stir and break eggs. But mainly, they want to be taste testers.

I'm not known for my craftiness, but we occassionally do cooking projects at home and when we do, I find it  takes the edge out of the "begging" to be involved. I love that they want to help. And having them get involved in cooking is something we can do for fun as a family, but it usually means a bigger mess to clean up.

So why not get them involved in cooking classes?

In New Jersey, SuperSavers in Marlton and Kitchen Kapers in Moorestown have multiple classes through out the month. Kitchen Kapers holds classes for kids and teens. The next class  for teens is July 17th Saturday, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m., Campground Treats. Your young explorer will learn how to create some survival "staples" from scratch: grilled corn salad, pigs in a blanket, and, of course, s'mores! Yum! And for kids, the next class is Sunday July 25th from 1:30 to 3:30pm, where your little one can learn the fundametnals of cooking. Let's hope that includes cleaning up! Class registration is $35. Check out the webiste for more information.

At Super Savers, a place I've always wanted to try, not for the classes but for their pre cooked meals, they are offering 4 cooking classes for kids through the month of August. Registration is $20 and classes start at 10:30. In this 60-90 minute class your child will create a kids size meal to take home with them and a snack and drink will be provided. Nice.
Visit their website to register.

In Pennsylvania, Stop by Love your Fruits and Vegetables in Bala Cynwood. Looking for a class that travels to you? Check out The Playful Chef. They travel across most of Pennsylvannia and South Jersey, enteretaining groups of kids with food and a craft. They even host birthday parties. Great for the little cook in your life! Don't forget about the Young Chefs Acadmey has five locations in Pa and they have weekly classes and host field trips.

Now if only their were classes on cleaning up? I know many parents that would jump at that one.

If you are looking for something to do at home with the kids, here is a great idea.

It almost always results in every one laughing, participating and having a great time.My kids love making pizza and we love to do this with them. My husband takes the reigns on this one. He loves to show off for them, flipping the dough high in to the air and they hang onto his every word. We like to buy the pre made pizza dough from Wegmans.You can find everything right outside their pizza counter. They have a section that sells everything you need to make semi-homemade pizza right in your own kitchen. One dough, one container of sauce and two containers of pizza cheese mix will make you about 2 size mediums pizzas, it costs just a little bit more than $10.We don't usually get too creative with toppings, this time we just used cheese, but they are more likely to eat what they make, so sometimes we add meat and even try some veggies. Looking for a whole grain option? They also sell whole wheat dough. We've tried it and it's pretty good. They love every bite and always have a great time doing it.

Here's my husband and his very special sous chefs hard at work:
First, flour the surface....

Using your hands, get the dough ready to be rolled out.

Most importantly, stop to pose for the camera.

And then roll out the dough.

Add the sauce.
Spreading over the entire surface.

 Now, add the cheese....we love cheese.

Ready to put in the oven....

And the finished product......