Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pro Flowers: Spa Basket

My birthday is in a week, so if you are looking for a gift for me, this is it.


Kidding but it was worth a try.

Every time I go onto the Pro Flowers website to send a gift to someone, whether it is a birthday or a congrats on the pregnancy or the new baby, I always look for something other than the standard bouquet that we have all received ten times over. Although bouquets are beautiful and I love receiving them, they never last long in my house, as my 3 year old decides bouquets are like gardens and like everything she shouldn't touch, her hand are magnetically drawn to the vase, the petals and it's destroyed. Even though a good bouquet can easily brighten my day and make me forget about the chaos that just went on in my house, I always wonder about those beautiful Spa baskets. Since the bath, at night after all our kids are asleep, of course, is the place I can unwind and relax. So when I got a chance to review them for Pro Flowers I had to jump, raise my hand and shout in glee, whichever would get their attention. And let's face it, you all know I can run my mouth so what's better than getting to try something for free and then letting all your friends in blogosphere know what you thought, not much, my point exactly.

When the box arrived at my door step, I was surprised because I forgotten about it, not completely but we all know when toddler sized chaos erupts, it happens quickly and it leaves you head bobbing and you spinning in circles. There is not much else we can remember except our names and that, yes, unfortunately these are my kids. So, when it arrived it was a pleasant surprise. At first the box looked smaller then I imagined it would be, but upon opening it, I found a spa oasis waiting at my finger tips.

The contents inside the box are not to be taken from granted and upon opening the box I immediately felt like I was in a spa and my day was going to get better. I received the Rose Petal Spa Basket which was set in a nice reusable pink Keepsake metal pail (I've already decided where to use it) and wrapped with a beautiful bow. My daughter was in close proximity to me when I opened the basket. I heard an immediate, "Ohhh.." and out of the corner of my eye I saw her lunge for it's contents, but I saved it just in time. "This was for mommy", I told her, and yes it was.

The basket contained, Rose Scented Bath Fizzer, 5.1 oz Rose Scented Hand Cream,Soap Rose Petals, 8 oz Rose Scented Bubble Bath, White Body Sponge,10.7 oz Rose Scented Bath Salts and a Pink Bath Mitt. It looked beautiful and smelled even better. The rose scent which was not to strong, filled the bathroom as I excitedly decided what to try first. I closed the door, ran the bath and immediately felt relaxed. I loved the white body sponge, soft enough for gentle skin but firm enough to feel like a soft massage. I went for it and filled the tub with the bubble bath, a little salts and the Soap Rose Petals with were as pretty and delicate as they sound. And for the time I spent in the bath, I felt like I could escape the day, and the chaos, it was relaxing and refreshing. It was nice to have the spa come to me.

After the bath, I finished off with the hand cream which was nice and soft not too greasy, I even shared it with my daughter who upon looking at the pretty jar, gently dipped her fingers in it, rubbed her hands together, and after smelling the pretty rose scent, exclaimed, "I smell like a princess". Enough said.

All and all this was a great idea for a basket and a great gift for a birthday. Even better, I'd love to give this to an expectant or new mom, you all know we need time to escape. The baskets run any where from $29.99 to $100 so there is a price range to fit every budget.Check out the array of baskets available at Pro Flowers.

I wasn't compensated in any way for this review, just given the free spa basket, which in my eyes, is worth every written word and more. Gotta run, I've got a Spa awaiting....

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  1. The sound of it is captivating, but before I can bath I have to wash out the tub from all the sand from my boys! Oh - I rinse the tub now and then don't get me wrong, but it has been a LONNNNNNNGGGGG time since I have sat in it!