Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Discovery Museum Savings

We just got back from one of our favorite places, The Garden State Discovery Museum in Cherry Hill New Jersey, and I got a hot tip from the amazing woman at the front desk. They are running a special in August and September, buy a yearly membership and receive 3 free months. So instead of 12 months, you'll pay for 12 months and receive 15 months! 

Not Bad. Right? I'll keep you posted when the special is offically on.

Also, for all you Pennsylvanians looking to purchase the reciprocal family membership from the Please Touch Museum, this is a must read! This membership at $220 buys you admission for the year in all the discovery museums around the country except the new Discovery Museum in Wilmington, Delaware. If you are looking to save money, go to the Garden State Discovery Museum in Cherry Hill, and buy the reciprocal family membership there. This membership gets you admission to all the discovery museums around the country including the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia and the new Discovery Museum in Wilmington and at $120 it is $100 cheaper then if you purchased the same membership at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia!!!

Wild right? Definitely worth the ride over the bridge to Jersey. When you think about it, you can purchase the family membership at the Zoo with that savings!

My kids always have a great time at the Garden State Discovery Museum.They run great programs, crafts and a clean place for the kids to play. And it's nice that when you come, the staff remembers you and are always friendly and helpful.

Here are some shots from the fun they had today.

George and Sophia building a city!

John exploring the crawlers area.

Sophia coming down the slide.

That will be $20. Cash register fun in the Little Discoveries area.

Planning their menu at The Silver Diner.

Snack break.

Fishing at the shore.

My sister Jenae and her daughter Josie checking out the turtles.

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