Monday, September 6, 2010

Easing the transition

George, last year on his first day at Pre-k.
This year my son makes a big transition, he goes from half day Pre-K to full day kindergarten. He is at school 4 more hours than he was last year. I know he loves school but until he gets used to it he will be exhausted, overwhelmed and out- of sorts.

It will take him some adjusting.To start, my son is a late sleeper and always takes a while to get going in the morning. He takes after my husband in the morning and they enjoy the quiet and take a while to get going. George has his routine, like clockwork, he watches Sprout, eats Life Cereal, gets his train or Speed Racer fix and then he's ready to get dressed and go . So about a week ago, I started putting him go to bed early and waking him up early, around the time he would have to get up to get ready for school, I thought this would help ease the transition, but that's all the tricks I have up my sleeve.

What else can I do to get him ready?

I found an article on Charolotte Parent online called Making the Transition to Full Day School. The author Katrina Cassel recommends some simple steps to help your child with the transition to full day school. Cassel suggests.

1-Discuss the Positive Changes. Talk about the changes that are about to take place and what will happen during the school year.

2. Visit the classroom and the teacher. Help your child become familiar with their new surroundings.

3.Help your child learn routines and readjust from your summer routines. Such as the new wake up and bed time routines.

4. Find a buddy. Find a child in your neighborhood or a previous school mate who will be in their new class.

5.Practice good nutrition. Start with a good breakfast and an energy packed lunch. Try to stay away from high sugar products.

6 Exercise. Take your child for a walk or make sure they get out and run around after school to help them unwind.

7. Make a morning checklist. Mornings will go more smoothly if you make and follow a routine.

8.Get Help. If you think your child is having trouble adjusting to the new school day, reach out to the teacher, see what they observe and what they suggest.

For my son, what usually works best it to prepare, inform and set expectations. Let him know he will go after breakfast, eat lunch there and be there longer than last year. He usually does best, if he goes into a new situation knowing what to expect.

Even though it will be a change having my son in school full day, I think it is perfect for him and he is more than ready. He is all about structure,routine, and organization, so let's hope things kick off smoothly for him and for me.

What did you do to help your child transition?

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