Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's Here!

Determined to go to the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at my old High School this weekend and not take my baby weight with me, I have jumped, ran, lifted and sweat, sweat, and sweat some more and it's finally here. This weekend my high school state championship swim team is being inducted into my high school's hall of fame. I was inducted individually 2 years ago, but it will be great to be inducted as a team. We were the 1990 Pennsylvania High School Girls State Championship swim team and also that year ranked number one in the nation by Swimming World magazine. Sweet. It'll be like a 20 year reunion. And most of my teammates I haven't seen in 20 years.

 Here's what the local paper , The Reporter, had to say about the event:

The powerhouse North Penn High School girls and boys 1990 state championship swimming teams, as well as, the 1991 and 1992 boys state championship swimming teams are being inducted into the North Penn Alumni Athletic Association on Saturday at the North Penn High School Auditorium.
The inductees are to arrive at the high school by 6 p.m. for group pictures and a brief orientation. The ceremony begins at 7 p.m.
The individual records set by the 1990 girls and boys swimmers are still current records at the high school today.
Derek Williams, Danielle Strader 
(that's me!), Julie Krail, and coach of the boys teams, Bill Berardelli, were individually inducted in previous Hall of Fame inductions, but now the girls coach Selma Robinson, who is being individually inducted, and the 1990 girls and boys teams, as well as the 1991 and 1992 boys teams will be joining them on the Hall of Fame wall.
All these phenomenal athletes, coming from all over the United States, will be under one roof for one night.

My plaque that hangs on the walls of the high school from 2007

My husband made me point at the plaque and smile!

Me (middle) standing with another inductee, to the right, Ebiho Ahonkhai, and her friends and family.

Pictures of this weekend's event to come next week! Have a great weekend! To my fellow teammates, congratulations!. It was a year I will always remember. I hope my kids can some day experience the comradery, spirit and determination that was alive within the team that year. It should be fun and memorable. 

Besides, I'm up for anything that makes me give up my "mommy clothes" and get dressed for a nice night out. 

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