Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday Thirteen: 13 things my 13 month old would blog about it he could.

After my latest Wordless Wednesday post which depicts my 13 month old and his love for the computer, called Blogger in Training, I got to thinking, what would my son blog about if he could? Binkys? Sippy cups? the furry animal that he loves to tackle?

So, here are 13 things my 13 month old could blog about if he could.

13. Jumping on Daddy is fun fun fun.

12. Elmo is cool. Oooooo, and so are the Wiggles they make me want to dance.

11. I love the computer, everyone uses it and I just want my turn to punch those buttons.

10. This white stuff that has fallen on the ground stinks, I can barley walk in it and it's cold and wet.

9. If I hear the word No again, I'll just do it again.

8. What is with this furry animal we call Kitty Cat? I pounce on him and grab his tail but he just walks away, I want to play.

7. Climbing on chairs and tables are my favorite thing to do, but they keep taking me down. I just like the view from up thee.

6. Why can't I go into the other rooms and climb upstairs? They have everything blocked off. I am sick of this play room. I. want. adventure.

5. My big brother. I want to be like him and do what he does. But for some reason he screams when I come near him?

4. My big sister. She is so happy, smiles a lot and makes me laugh, but why is she always picking me up and leaning in my face.

3. My Ba Ba. I love it, so why am I getting it less. Turning one is rough.

2. I love my Binky. All you babies out there know what I'm talking about.

1. Spending "quality time" in the middle of the night with mommy. She thinks I have cries of pain and unhappiness, but really I just like to be held.

Bonus #14...I want to learn everything my brother and sister do including but not limited to , jumping on couches, running in circles, tackling each other and talking back to mama and dada. Can't wait to get big. But for now, Where's my Binky and my Ba Ba? I need a nap.

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  1. Perfect! I remember some of these things when my children were younger!